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I agree to perform services as a Merchandiser/Brand Ambassador for AJIS USA, INC. (AJIS RETAIL SOLUTIONS) on a contract basis.

I realize that the rates are negotiable and may vary per job. I understand that I can accept those jobs, which I am interested in, and am under no obligation to perform a minimum number of merchandising/promotional event jobs per year.

I will furnish any equipment or supplies necessary to perform the service as prescribed by the broker, or company, or individual for whom the service is being performed. I can perform these services for other merchandising companies and am under no obligation to work solely for AJIS RETAIL SOLUTIONS.

Both AJIS RETAIL SOLUTIONS and I are in Agreement that I am considered self-employed for all Federal and State withholdings; and FICA taxes. As an independent contractor, I am not entitled to unemployment insurance, medical insurance, pension plans, or other such benefits that might be offered to employees.

I understand that AJIS RETAIL SOLUTIONS will not provide me with auto insurance. AJIS RETAIL SOLUTIONS is not responsible and or liable for any injury, accident, damages, etc. to others or myself while traveling and during the performance of any project work. I will maintain adequate insurance to cover all activities of myself relating to such work, and it is my responsibility to provide my own auto insurance coverage and transportation.

*Please note that we are not accepting applications from candidates in California and Wisconsin. Thank you for understanding.